Dear Colleagues, Friends,



 Following the first Black Sea Countries Otology Neurotology Meeting in Varna, we are planning to welcome you all in Zonguldak. Zonguldak is a pretty Blacksea City having a long history social life because of governing rich coal mines. The life in this city has been full of life through the centuries.


This opportunity will be unique for colleagues coming from counties surrounding the Black Sea but also, we shall be delighted to welcome otologists from European Countries either.


We are looking forward discussing diagnostic and therapeutic concerns on hearing loss, middle ear and mastoid inflammatory and tumoral manifestations. Vestibular disorders as well, will be among the main topics to be discussed. Instructional courses, debates, panels and roundtables, lectures will be planned within this two full day meeting.


The organization company will be alerted to facilitate your trip to Zonguldak either by flights or car transfers.


I am very much looking forward welcoming you in Zonguldak, next October.


Prof. O. Nuri OZGIRGIN