Introducing Zonguldak

Zonguldak: At one with nature, Zonguldak, is a developed city lined by the blue water bays of the Black Sea.

A city in Turkey famous for its coal mining history with local prosperity resting on the mining of coal minerals. The misty skies and winter rain of port city Zonguldak is one of a kind.

Ancient artefacts found in Zonguldak suggest that the history of this city stretches back to 2500 B.C. and was home to an important civilization, the Hittites. Zonguldak is said to be named by French mining companies; “Zone” comes from “zone” in French and “Guldak” from the Turkish “Göldağ.”


Nearby Cities: Karabük (101 km), Bolu (147 km), Kastamonu (214 km), İstanbul (324 km), Ankara (305 km)

Zonguldak Airport Information (ONQ): Zonguldak Airport is 40 km from the city center. The journey from the city center takes around 50 minutes. There are 3 days flight from İstanbul Airport to Zonguldak Airport and Zonguldak Airport to Istanbul Airport which are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday in a week with Turkish Airlines.

October 22, 2020 Thursday Direct Flights
from Istanbul AirportIST to Zonguldak Airport ONQ
Departure Time Arrival Time Duration:
09:50 11:05 1h 15min
October 25, 2020 Sunday Direct Flights
from Zonguldak Airport ONQ to İstanbul Airport IST
Departure Time Arrival Time Duration:
14:30 15:40 1h 10min

Top things to do in Zonguldak:


Cehennemağzı Caves

A row of caves exhibits a variety of columns and mosaics. Legend has it that this cave was the Underworld that Hercules entered to capture Hades’ dog, Cerberus.

Distance to city center 50 km.

Zonguldak Maden Museum

A museum built on a coal mine, the city’s livelihood.

This museum introduces mining culture and ancient vehicles and various sculptures.

Distance to city center 2,8 km.

Filyos Castle

A castle from the Middle Ages said to have been built by the Romans.

A ramshackle castle for many years, later restored in 2003, has impressive views.

Distance to city center 13,6 km.



Danaağzı Natural Park

A natural park located in the Tepeören Village of Ereğli. A beautiful park that houses a forest, seashores, plants and historical artefacts.

Distance to city center 20,5 km.

Harmankaya Waterfall

A path in the forest leads to magical waterfalls. A favorite for nature-lovers and trekkers, these waterfalls are only 3 km from Zonguldak city center.

Distance to city center 128 km.


Best of

Tios (Filyos)

An ancient city from the 7th century B.C.

A city that witnessed many historical events; Tios was burned in the Roman period and became a religious center during the Byzantine period.

Distance to city center 31,4 km.

Kapuz Beach

A public beach in the city center of Zonguldak.

Located on the Black Sea coast, the 180-meter long beach is the only blue-flag beach in the city.

Distance to city center 3,3 km.


Eat & Drink


Filo pastry with meat is a tirit Zonguldak delicacy.

The filo pastry spread on a tray is sprinkled with meat then doused in melted butter.

Uğmaç Soup

A delicious, wholesome local soup.

An easy soup to make from basic kitchen ingredients: flour, water, milk and salt.


Prepared by adding boiling water to corn flour.

The hardened corn flour is later served with walnuts, butter, molasses or sugar.